Our Story

Mission Statement

To be a GREAT company that provides and environment that is comforting for customers, fulfilling for employees, and economically healthy.


Willoughby Accident Repair Center services all makes and models of vehicles. We pride ourselves on customer satisfaction, technician training and certification, shop productivity, tools and equipment, process efficiency, safety, and environmental considerations. This means, we at Willoughby Accident Repair Center, have the training and the knowledge to deliver a 100% factory certified repair back to you. 

Our renowned customer support goes above and beyond collision repair to give our customer’s an exceptional experience and peace of mind. We handle all communications with insurance providers, reserve rental vehicles, provide repair status updates, and provide towing assistance. We also provide a 24-hour phone service that is ready to assist you in any need.

Our Promise

We promise:

To Deliver a World Class Customer Experience while Repairing Your Vehicle Using Vehicle Specific Manufacturer Procedures

A Guaranteed Completion Date that Eliminates the Guesswork

Verified & Documented Quality Assurance for Each Step in the Repair Process

Lifetime Written Warranty on Service and Parts

You have the “Right of Choice” in who repairs your vehicle. The law protects your “Right of Choice” to have your vehicle repaired at the facility you choose regardless of how hard your Insurer may push for you to use one of their “Preferred” repair shops. Don’t ever hesitate to call us if you feel pressured to go in a repair direction that makes you uncomfortable.

Very often insurance companies, in an effort to reduce their costs, only allow for Aftermarket or alternative parts as replacement components. These inferior parts most often do not carry the same quality standards or warranties as OEM parts. At Willoughby Accident Repair Center, all outer body crash replacement parts that are used in the repair of your vehicle are guaranteed to be made by the manufacturer of your vehicle.

We provide you with a lifetime warranty on all repairs as long as you own the vehicle. This is a valuable asset when turning or trading your vehicle in within the Willoughby dealership franchise.

We provide you with a guaranteed completion date upon disassembly of your vehicle to eliminate any guesswork.

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Our staff is available to help you 24/7.